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Luxury at your Comfort
Wellness Massages
Thai Herbal Massage
a healing session begins with the application of warm Thai herbal balls containing a variety of therapeutic Thai herbs & spices

Mom to be Massage
reduces your anxiety; relieve muscle aches & joint pains

Swedish & Shiatsu
using percussive, tapping movements designed to stimulate the nervous system. Designed to release tension and pain and restore well-being

Hot Stone Massage
a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones for a deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply
Hot Candle Massage
Full of natural butter and aroma scents let the hot oil melt away your tension and delicately nourish your skin

The reflex zones of the feet are given the attention they deserve with the strategic application of finger-point pressure

Aromatic Massage
uses a combination of strokes and acupressure techniques, this soothing and gentle massage leaves you relaxed and with a sense of wellbeing!
Mayara's Signature Massages
Lava Shell Massage

Shells are natural, organic and have an energy frequency about them. The shells are relatively young and have a light uplifting and relaxing feeling

Aroma Sphere Healing Massage
Massage & Aromatherapy in one time, an innovative,unique massage infused with the most versatile essential oil — lavender — for reducing headaches, calming nerves, anxiety & destination: relaxation

Fusion Massage
Get the best massages in one massage by combining the 3 massages for one hour and half .A combination of Aroma Massage, Swedish and Shiatsu massage, and Reflexology

Detox Massage
Created especially for those who want to take care of their body by relaxing and detoxifying their body in the same time. A complete relaxing and regenerating massage where we apply White tea and Ginger oil with a special combination of massage techniques

4 Hands Massage
This is a powerful treatment for anyone who has a hard time letting go from their daily stress during treatments. Two therapists will together for a complete hour using hot lavender oil starting from the head for an extreme relaxation

Body Treatments
Serenity Relaxation Journey
A body treatment with massage,a sensorial journey rich in eastern treasures .It starts with Mediterranean citrus touch and end up with Chinese beauty chine

Marine Body Scrub
Rich in nutrients, therapeutic mud is for detoxifying, and slimming and fluid reduction using rich vegetable organics and minerals

Slim and Sculpt Treatment
Complete Treatment, slims down, firms, protects and repairs. Treat your body, and get the perfect silhouette. Look good, feel good

Oxygen Brightening body treatment
Acting at the heart of the cell a full body treatment that regulates the skin pigmentation and toning

Pampered Face
Sensitive Skin Treatment
Relax and sooth your senses with this specially designed facial. Capturing the healing properties of our products to treat your skin, and restores balance and rejuvenate your skin

Face Detox

professional skin treatment for the against daily pollution. It detoxifies effectively and intensely for a rested face, and oxygenated skin protected

Regenerating and filler Facial Treatment
A professional treatment that assists in restructuring the fibril support and increases the moisture of the skin. This treatment restores natural skin tone with an even texture
Lifting treatment
Let them ask!!! Redraw your face contour and make a simple up-lift, with a surgery free procedure. Feel young and fresh, and let them ask what your secret is

Deep Cleansing

deep-tissue cleansing to get rid the skin of excess oils and stimulate circulation. So you can prevent any skin disturbance
Mani & Pedi Treatments
Citrus Spa Mani
Excite, energize, refresh. Stimulate your senses with a citrus symphony of essential oils and vitamin E. Exfoliate. Rejuvenate. Invigorate

Almond Spa Mani
Escape, Relax, Exhale. Sooth your senses with the delicate scent of sweet almond oil, conditioning jojoba oil and vitamin E. Gently polish, refine and moisture your skin while you escape from the everyday

Marine Spa Pedi
An inspired system born of the sea, Marine botanicals and sea salts. Quartz crystals and menthol cool. Feet reborn, spirit Satisfied
Earth Spa Pedi
Embrace the earth's warmth. Her Vitamins and minerals protect and fortify. Make your pain Disappear

Brazilian Manicure/Pedicure
An innovative hand and foot treatment for moisturizing power and six unique substances that include keratin and calcium to keep your hands looking young, healthy and vibrant
Beauty adds on
Wax them off
are renowned for their highly effective, trouble-free waxing system produced from the finest natural ingredients, free from pine resin and mineral oil, for a complete professional waxing treatment and client care that will ensure your satisfaction and that of your clients
Mayara Signature Journeys
Mayara Serenity Ritual-The Ultimate luxury
Create your own five services spa package, and get an exceptional gift from "Mayara"

Pamper yourself for a full day, because you deserve it

- Swedish and shiatsu massage with Deep cleansing

-Lava shell massage with Face Detox treatment

-Aroma Massage with Face lifting treatment and Manicure Spa

- Slimming Package ( 8 sessions)

*All of our packages can be customized to fit your personal needs

*Also available gift certificate for your beloved ones